Hyper-Focused on Setting a New Standard in the Blockchain Space



GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET)

is a result driven, blockchain-oriented company focused on becoming a premier Cryptocurrency mining facility. 

GDET will build and manage a Cryptocurrency mining colocation and mining facility that is client-focused and dedicated to creating a new standard in the Blockchain space based on security and transparency. 

GDET has also developed a strong relationship with suppliers overseas to ensure future purchasing.

Cryptocurrency Mining & Platform Services

GDET offers smart investing in mining. As an experienced team of experts, we provide a full range of services related to mining: from supply of equipment to mining pool services, thus giving our partners an opportunity to work in an autonomous system.


Industrial Smart Mining

The value of GDET is based on the smart mining model where every investor, partner and third party participant has a chance to get access to industrial mining with the newest equipment, ground-breaking software, and a low electricity rates.


Anil Idnani - Chief Executive Officer

Experienced account executive with finance degree and expertise in generating new business across a wide variety of industries including high-end retail, real estate and IT. 

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