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Turn Your Played Out Plastic Into Metal

The Process

1. Design Your Card

Use our custom card design editor to build your card just the way you like.

2. Send Us Your Old Card

After you order, we email you a prepaid priority shipping label. Place your plastic card into any envelope. affix the pre paid label, and mail it out. We will receive your card in 2 business days. Please note this shipping label will only work for US-based orders.

3. We Convert Your Old Card

We will also be using our patent pending technique to transfer your EMV chip from your plastic card onto your new metal card. We will be sending back your old card along with your new metal credit card.

4. Enjoy Your New Dream Card

Once you have received your new metal card enjoy the luxury of having a unique card that is bound to impress everywhere you go.


Does The Tap and Pay Function Still Work?

After we transfer the EMV Chip to your new metal credit card, the NFC device (tap and pay) function will no longer be functional. We are working on a technology to be able to transfer that tap and pay functionality and will release it once it has been proven.

Does My DreamCard Come With A Warranty?

Dreamcard currently handles lost, stolen, and compromised cards on a case by case basis. If you have these issues, please call your bank and request a new card. E-mail us with your request and we will work with you to quickly replace the card.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We currently only replace cards that are defective upon arrival, defective means that you are unable to use the card that was previously functional before sending it to us. Purchasers have 15 days from receiving goods to inquire about defective card.